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Stance on Tax

Terumo Group’s corporate mission is “Contributing to Society through Healthcare”. Guided by this mission, Terumo Group conducts business based on strict legal compliance and corporate ethics and aims to achieve sustainable growth, maximize long-term corporate value and meet the expectations of its worldwide stakeholders. In conformity with its corporate mission, Terumo Group takes the following actions in conducting tax management.

  1. Terumo Group complies with international taxation rules and the laws of all countries in which it conducts business activities and maintains tax compliance.
  2. Terumo Group constructs and maintains appropriate relationships with the tax authorities where Terumo Group conducts business activities and does not attempt to obtain unfair benefits from the tax authorities through providing unethical gifts to the tax authorities.
  3. Terumo Group considers the balance of each stakeholder’s interests and ensures that an appropriate tax burden is borne while maximizing its corporate value.

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