Terumo launches user friendly PLAJEX™ Luer Lock with Threaded Closure (TC)

January 30, 2017

On the 20th Anniversary of Pharmapack, Europe's dedicated Pharmaceutical Packaging and Drug Delivery event in Paris - 1 & 2 February 2017, Terumo will showcase their latest development for PLAJEX polymer prefillable syringes. This new container closure system for luer lock syringes is very user friendly and provides patients and healthcare providers with an easy grip twist-off tip cap.

The Threaded Closure (TC) has been specially designed for PLAJEX COP prefillable syringes with an integrated luer lock, combining the user friendly features with a secure connectivity, while maintaining container closure integrity.

A secure and functional luer connectivity for connections in intravascular applications or hypodermic connections is of paramount importance; PLAJEX combines the design features and the robustness of an integral moulded luer lock with dimensional accuracy and functional performance. The luer cone inner bore is also designed with a large inner bore for mitigating connectivity issues with needle-free IV access devices1).

Contact materials are carefully selected to minimize extractables and leachables. PLAJEX polymer, ready to use syringes are steam sterilized to mitigate possible interactions with sensitive biopharmaceuticals.

PLAJEX integral luer lock syringes with Threaded Closure (TC) are available for use with different syringe sizes and will feature in the future expansion of the TERUMO series of PLAJEX polymer prefillable syringe platform.

  • 1)

    Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff: Glass Syringes for Delivering Drug and Biological Products: Technical Information to Supplement International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 11040-4 - Draft Guidance, April, 2013

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