Message from Top Management

Message from Top Management

Creation of new value in tune with the times to continue being a company society deems necessary

Since its foundation in 1921, Terumo has continued to bring new value to medical settings by addressing and resolving the issues faced by the medical settings. Our Group mission of "Contributing to Society through Healthcare" has guided us throughout this process. Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, one of the founding members of Terumo, dedicated his life to combating infectious disease and researching bacteriology. His spirit lives on through Terumo’s long history of helping prevent the spread of infections.

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Terumo Group mustered its collective capabilities to ensure a stable supply of its products while helping prevent the spread of the virus and contribute to its treatment. A wide variety of Terumo products are used in medical settings. These products range from the thermometers employed on a daily basis to the infusion systems utilized for managing the administration of infusions and drug solutions and the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) that are used to treat critically ill patients. In addition, we donate Terumo products to medical institutions and make monetary donations to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO in order to further contribute to healthcare. Our experience with the pandemic has served to reaffirm and further entrench the purpose of Terumo among all of our associates.

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to prompt changes to the mindsets and behavior of people, transforming the very essence of society into what is referred to as the "new normal." In the medical field, these changes are manifesting in forms such as an increased emphasis on economic benefits as well as an accelerated trend toward digitization and remote solutions. These changes come coupled with a renewed recognition of the necessity of safe and reliable medical infrastructure. We thus need to transform ourselves, based on an accurate understanding of these structural changes, in order to provide solutions that offer value for the medical settings. For this reason, we launched a project for supporting infection prevention measures at medical institutions. Capitalizing on the wealth of infection prevention insight and the vast lineup of related products we have developed thus far, Terumo is helping install hospital infrastructure and train healthcare professionals in order to contribute to the development of safe and reliable medical infrastructure.

Terumo is focused on establishing workplace environments and systems that allow diverse associates to fully exercise their skills while also implementing environmental initiatives. Through such efforts, we aspire to contribute to the resolution of medical issues while living up to the expectations and responding to the desires of the greater society. To this end, Terumo has been transitioning to independent and autonomous work styles that are more suited to the new normal. As part of these efforts, we introduced a flexible working hours system at all domestic offices and eliminated the upper limit on the number of times our work-at-home system can be used in July 2020. We also seek to help address the global issue of climate change risks. A target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the Terumo Group has been established for fiscal 2030, and initiatives for accomplishing this goal were launched in fiscal 2020. Moreover, our greenhouse gas emissions reduction target has been approved as science-based by the international initiative Science Based Targets.

Terumo will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2021. As we pass this milestone, Terumo associates will continue to be guided by our Group mission of "Contributing to Society through Healthcare" as we endeavor to bring patients and healthcare professionals the products and services they need and contribute to the resolution of social and environmental issues in areas relevant to Terumo. We thereby strive to always be a company that is trusted and deemed necessary by society. I hope we can look forward to the ongoing support and understanding of our stakeholders as we tackle the challenges to come.

Shinjiro Sato
President and CEO

Shinjiro Sato