Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

The Terumo Group refers to all of its employees as “associates” to reflect the fact that they are viewed as valued colleagues. We recognize our associates as important assets in order for them and the Terumo Group to grow together and contribute to society through healthcare. Based on this recognition, we cultivate workplaces that are conducive to contributions by diverse individuals.

Fostering of Motivating and Challenging Work Environments

At Terumo, we respect the individuality of our associates while working to foster a workplace environment in which each individual can realize his or her maximum potential. We also provide ample opportunities for those with a willingness to grow to widen their fields of activity. Our goal, based onthese initiatives, is to enable each associate to contribute their individual strengths to their team, enhancing performance and creating a strong, motivating workplace.

Terumo Patient’s Day event

Terumo Patient’s Day

Since 2013, we have been conducting an in-house event around the world called “Terumo Patient’s Day” to provide opportunities for associates to reconnect with our mission and consider anew what it means to personally contribute to the advancement of healthcare, and to reflect on the value we provide to society. At Terumo Patient’s Day, associates listen to moving accounts of what patients have experienced in their struggle to overcome illness.

Terumo Global Awards ceremony

Terumo Global Awards

The Terumo Global Awards is an annual award program open to all Terumo Group companies. This program is designed to recognize associates that have made large contributionsto either the Group or society through business success or excellence in community outreach.

Human Resource Development

At Terumo, we believe the growth of our business is the sum total of the growth of individual associates, and we manage our human resource policies with the fundamental intent of supporting the ongoing growth of diverse human resources. Human resource development starts with practical skills acquired through on-the-job training (OJT) and a variety of training programs designed to supplement OJT. We believe that the most effective learning comes from individual motivation and feeling of the necessity to learn; associates with this motivation can nominate themselves to participate in various voluntary and selective training programs.

Promotion of Diversity

At the Terumo Group, we promote acceptance of diverse associates, of all ethnicity, nationalities, genders, religions, and physical characteristics, and respect for individuals with the aim of creating working environments that enable associates to grow together with the organization. By accepting a wide range of differing values and promoting mutual recognition of diversity, we aim to be a company where differingideas and knowledge are fused to create new value. At Terumo, we established the Diversity Promotion Department in 2013 to promote diversity on a Companywide basis from a variety of perspectives.

Promotion of Active Participation by Female Associates

Fiscal 2017 training under the mentoring system

Development of Female Leaders through the Mentoring System

Terumo has developed the mentoring system, which pairs female associates in leadership positions with female managers working in different parts of the Company or of different ages so that they can share experiences and ideas to broaden their perspectives and support one another’s career growth. The manager acting as the mentor functions as a role model to the female leader aspiring to reach management positions, helping raise their awareness and skills to increase the number of female associates involved in leading the organization.

Fiscal 2017 career-resumption seminar

Support for Helping Associates Return to Work after Childbirth and Childcare Leave

In fiscal 2013, we began holding an annual career-resumption seminar for female associates currently on childbirth or childcare leave and their supervisors. We invite female MRs and other female associates that returned to work after taking childcare leave to talk about their experiences and discuss the attitudes and support systems needed to balance work and childrearing while achieving personal growth.

Promotion of Work Style Revolution

Terumo has continuously endeavored to develop a comfortable workplace environment for its associates. Efforts on this front include promoting proper working hour management and introducing childcare, nursing care, and other support systems. We expanded upon these efforts in fiscal 2017 by unveiling “T-Style” (Terumo Style), the new work style we advocate for Terumo associates going forward. Based on the T-Style concept, we are promoting work style revolutions aimed at heightening associates’ ability to succeed and thereby contribute to competitiveness and corporate value. These work style revolutions go beyond reducing work hours and redesigning human resources systems to include measures for improving operational efficiency and productivity. In these regards, we are formulating and implementing initiatives together with associates through internal recruiting systems and other means.

Childcare and Nursing Care Support Systems

System Description*1
Childcare Long-term childcare leave Leave that can be taken up until the child reaches the age of three (up to 30 days of unused paid holiday time can be taken at the beginning of leave).
Shortened working hours Working hours can be shortened by up to two hours per day until the child finishes elementary school (approxrmately age 12).
Adjusted working hours The start and end time of regular working days can be moved forward or backward by up to two hours until the child finishes elementary school (approximately age 12).
Nursingcare*2 Special leave Leave can be taken up to three times for a cumulative total of up to three years for each family member requiring nursing care.
Up to 30 days of unused paid holiday time can be taken at the beginning of leave.
Shortened working hours Working hours can be shortened by up to two hours per day for a cumulative total of up to three years.
Adjusted working hours The start and end time of daily working hours can be moved forward or backward by up totwo hours for a cumulative total of up to three years.
Other Hour-based paid leave Paid leave may be taken in units of an hour for any reason.
  • *1

    These descriptions are excerpts of full descriptions.

  • *2

    For nursing care leave, “shortened working hours, " and “adjusted working hours" can be taken up to twice for a cumulative total of up to three years.

Promotion of Associate Health Improvement

Terumo recognizes that healthy associates are crucial to sustainable growth. As a company that contributes to healthcare, Terumo believes it is important to protect the health of its own associates. With its management having committed its support to Kenko Keiei,* Terumo undertakes various initiatives to encourage keen health awareness among individual associates. In order to promote Kenko Keiei, we will analyze past diagnostic results and medical expense data to set policies and formulate annual action plans to be implemented at all Group companies in Japan. Initiatives based on policies and plans are advanced, and their results are quantitatively and qualitatively verified on an annual basis. In addition, internal Kenko Keiei surveys are conducted to incorporate associate input and needs into a Kenko Keiei PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle.

  • *

    “Kenko Keiei,” the Japanese term for “Health and Productivity Management,” is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee, a nonprofit organization. Terumo endorses its principal aims as a supporting member of this organization.

External Recognition

In recognition of the effectiveness of its Kenko Keiei initiatives, Terumo has been selected by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for inclusion in the Health & Productivity Stock Selection* for five consecutive years beginning with fiscal 2014. Terumo has also been included in the Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management—White 500 selection for three consecutive years beginning with fiscal 2016. Furthermore, Terumo received awards in fiscal 2017 from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and through the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Action Plan for Companies Promoting Cancer Prevention in recognition of its efforts to support employees that work while fighting cancer.

  • *

    This stock selection, determined jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, is intended to spotlight companies in which management addresses employee health as a matter of strategic importance. Updated just once a year, the Health & Productivity Stock Selection is chosen from among companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with only one company selected from each industry segment.

Major Kenko Keiei Selections, Certifications, and Awards

  • Health & Productivity Stock Selection (fiscal 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018)
  • Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management—White 500 (fiscal 2016, 2017, and 2018)
  • Tokyo Sports Promotion Company (fiscal 2015, 2016, and 2017)
  • Sports Yell Company (fiscal 2017)
  • Cancer Prevention Partner Award (Encouragement of Cancer Treatment While Working Category), Action Plan for Companies Promoting Cancer Prevention, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (fiscal 2017)
  • Award of Excellence, Awards for Companies Supporting Cancer Patients in Receiving Cancer Treatment While Working, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (fiscal 2017)