Top Management Message

A Greater Contribution to World Healthcare as a Global Corporation with Unique Excellence

Shinjiro Sato President and CEO

Shinjiro Sato
President and CEO

I express my deepest gratitude to all our shareholders for your understanding and support of Terumo Group business activities.

The fiscal year 2019 marks the halfway point of our five-year Mid- to Long-term Growth Strategy. It is an important year for achieving the goals of that plan. Looking back on the past two years, we experienced shipping delays for certain products last summer, and yet each company continued to progress toward growth.

The global healthcare environment is changing greatly; there is potential for a paradigm shift to occur in which current structures and systems will be cast aside as outdated. In addition to the revolutionary advances of digitalization and robotics in healthcare, there is clear demand to improve medical cost efficiency. Issues on social structures such as aging societies and declining birthrates have been apparent, requiring completely new solutions globally. Terumo will not sit passively, but rather treat these changes as opportunities, proactively rising to the challenge of creating new healthcare.

Each of our businesses is expanding steadily throughout the world. The healthcare market is forming unique characteristics in both developed and emerging markets, meaning that we need both a standardized global strategy as well as selective local strategies. For example, in China and some emerging markets, it has been more important to produce locally. On the other hand, the key to growing in increasingly competitive developed markets will be to maximize Terumo's diverse overall group strengths. We will pursue collaboration not only in Japan, but also the United States and Europe.

We have also newly structured Terumo Group Identity to reflect the advance of globalization. Eighty-percent of Terumo associates are of non-Japanese nationality, and our robust workforce continues to diversify. With over 25,000 of Terumo associates having a shared set of values and Code of Conduct, we will cultivate an even deeper unity globally, and further strengthen the global Terumo brand. We ask for your continued understanding and support in this endeavor.

June 2019