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The regulatory approval status and availability of Terumo Group products differs by country and region.
You can receive product and service information from the Terumo Group company operating in the country or region where you will use the products or services.

Terumo Labeling website

Click here for information on products manufactured by Terumo Corporation (legal manufacturer) in the EU and Australia, according to the respective regulations.


Terumo Europe NV

Terumo Italia SRL

Terumo Europe España SL

Terumo UK Ltd.

Terumo Sweden AB

Terumo France S.A.S.

Terumo (Deutschland) GmbH

Terumo Russia LLC

Terumo Middle East FZE

Vascutek Ltd. (Terumo Aortic (UK))

Vascutek Deutschland GmbH

MicroVention Europe

MicroVention Deutschland GmbH

MicroVention UK

Terumo BCT Europe N.V.

Terumo BCT, Ltd.