Alliance Division

Utilizing unique technology to add value to pharmaceuticals and contribute to better drug delivery

Alliance Division

In 1999, Terumo began sales of plastic prefilled syringes. Prefilled products are aimed at improving drug administration safety and ease. They have become the standard in medical settings, and Terumo supplies the healthcare industry with over 50 million units a year.

The Alliance Division offers pharmaceutical companies advanced devices that utilize the experience and expertise Terumo has built up through years of prefilled product manufacturing. Each drug not only differs in its effects, but also has varying characteristics and situations where it is used. Terumo develops administration devices (including syringe and needle) made from materials tailored to each drug, and provides contract manufacturing that leverages Terumo's advanced manufacturing technology of drug delivery device and combination product. 

Through alliances with pharmaceutical company customers, Terumo provides a total solution, from clinical trial drug manufacture to full commercialization, contributing to safer and more certain delivery of the drugs patients need.

  • Alliance Division
  • Alliance Division
  • Alliance Division

Pharmaceutical Company-oriented Business

Contract Manufacturing Business

Total support for pharmaceutical company customers: Design, evaluation, production, shipment, and sales.

  • Contract Manufacturing Business

Container Business

For pharmaceutical companies, Terumo provides optimal, highly usable devices to use with biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.

  • Prefillable syringe

    Prefillable syringe

  • Intradermal injection device

    Intradermal injection device

Product Packaging Business

Terumo provides administration devices for packaging with pharmaceuticals sold by pharmaceutical companies, to contribute to greater efficiency in medical settings.

  • Administration device (needle) for pharma packaging business

    Administration device (needle) for pharma packaging business

(Notice) The regulatory approval status and availability of these products differs by country and region.