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Treatment of aortic disease with innovative technologies

Vascular Graft Division Terumo Aortic

The Terumo Aortic business comprises of two companies integrated in 2018, namely Vascutek Limited (part of the Terumo Group since 2002) located near Glasgow, Scotland, and Bolton Medical Inc in Sunrise, Florida (acquired by the Terumo Group in 2017).

Terumo Aortic offers advanced technologies such as surgical grafts for peripheral, abdominal and cardiothoracic applications as well as hybrid and catheter-based stent graft systems to treat patients globally with abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysms.

The company understands that no two aortas are alike and is 100% focused on the aorta, from the arch to the iliacs. With a comprehensive portfolio of surgical, endovascular and hybrid technologies and services, Terumo Aortic helps clinicians address their patients unique challenges – so no patient is left behind.

Terumo Aortic’s implants have already helped to save or improve the lives of over two million patients worldwide.

How do we treat aortic disease?

Aortic aneurysms and dissection can lead to a life-threatening rupture of the aorta, however, suitable treatment with a surgical graft or implantation of a stent graft can help save a patient’s life.

  • How do we treat aortic disease?

Main Products

(Notice) The regulatory approval status and availability of these products differs by country and region.

  • Thoracic vascular graft

    Thoracic vascular graft

  • Thoracic Hybrid device

    Thoracic Hybrid device

  • Abdominal vascular graft

    Abdominal vascular graft

  • Thoracic stent graft

    Thoracic stent graft

  • Abdominal stent graft

    Abdominal stent graft

  • Abdominal stent graft

    Abdominal stent graft