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Corporate Logo

The Terumo Group introduced its new corporate logo in August 2014.

The new logo captures our vision of standing at the beginning of a new stage, determined to build on our record of important accomplishments even as we preserve the value and trust we have built to date.

The curved line extending from left to right symbolizes that we are “rising to the challenge of innovation” in order to provide new value to medical frontlines. Its red color signifies the lives of patients and the passion of Terumo's associates*. Its shape—calling to mind the arc of the earth—articulates speed and action on a global scale. The green lettering spelling “TERUMO” represents the value we have created this point.

Under our new logo, Terumo associates across the globe will work in concert to ensure that we are living up to our corporate mission of “Contributing to Society through Healthcare.”

  • * At Terumo, employees are called “associates” to emphasize a partnership and collaborative working.

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